4th or 5th Dimension?

by knamet


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Are we ascending to the 4th or 5th Dimension?

Presently, Earth’s vibrational environment already comprises of both 3D and 4D planes of existence. The first dimension is infinite consciousness (energy), which exists everywhere in the universe. The second dimension is where the vibration for new physical worlds (space and energy). Everything that exists physically in the third dimension (time and space) stemmed from the second dimension. The third dimension is where you are consciously experiencing yourself at a physical level. The vibration that exists above the third dimension is called the fourth dimension (time and energy). Energy, space, and motion are all principles of infinite consciousness.


From a spiritual point of view, the 4th dimension is the realm of “intuition,” also known as the astral plane. The astral plane consists of the first seven layers or overtones of the 4th dimensional frequency band, which coexist or overlap with the upper overtones of the 3rd dimension (see diagram below).

The astral plane or the lower 4D overtones surrounding Earth are non-physical planes of existences but form part of our physical world in the 3rd density. The 4th dimension is a non-physical reality; it is where our collective consciousness resides and the place where your thoughts and intentions can manifest. This is where human mythology and cultural beliefs have come from. Within the lower overtones of the 4th dimension, this is the realm where conscious energy (thought forms) can influence the body. For example, when you are angry and you walk into a room, people can sense your anger or without noticing, they get angry themselves. Many people already explore the mid overtones of the 4th dimension through different states of consciousness, such as astral travel, out of body experiences, past lives therapy and during the night when dreaming. During sleep, we travel in our astral body to various places within the astral realm. In this realm, we experience “nightmares” and disturbing dreams.

After we physically die, our consciousness/soul returns to the upper overtones of the 4th dimension, commonly known as the spiritual world (a.k.a. heaven). Those of you who use their intuition and communicate with the spiritual world, this is where our Master/Guides and the Angelic realm are located. More importantly, the sum of all our incarnations has meant that we have already explored and experienced everything in both the 3D and 4D realities (not that most of us are conscious of our present astral plane visits and from previous past lives).

In regards to the dimensional shift, the planet will shift out of the 3rd density or from the upper overtones of the 3rd dimensional frequency band (3.8) into 4th density or to the upper overtones of the 4th dimension (4.8). This means that we will energetically shift to the upper levels of 4th dimension frequency band in the 4th density, but we are fact much closer to the 5th dimension. After the dimensional shift, Earth’s physical environment will comprise of both 4D and 5D planes of existence, which means we will be able to consciously interact with the 5th dimension, which permits people to spiritually explore and consciously interact in this reality (this is known as 5D consciousness).